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We aim to engage a broad, interdisciplinary community of participants in discussions and activities related to artificial intelligence, exploring and facilitating multi-way interactions between work in artificial intelligence and work across the liberal arts.

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AI Tools and Mentorship Showcase

December 7th, 6:00 pm

Frost Library, 1st Floor

We will be having our Tools showcase and Mentorship Program Wednesday (12/7) from 6-7 pm in Frost Library. Please feel free to come by to explore AI tools and talk about using AI with us!

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Find out what is happening in AI now and how it may affect your interests. We provide a curated list of AI-related news articles!

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There is never been a better time to learn about the diverse applications of AI.

We’re coming into a fantastic time for the application of AI in fields ranging from Geology to Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought.

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  • by riranmanesh25
    DALL-E 2 is a new AI system from OpenAI that can take simple text descriptions like “a purple mammoth riding a motorcycle” and turn them into photorealistic images that have never existed before. DALL-E was created by training a neural network on images and their text descriptions. Through deep learning, it not only understands individual […]
  • by lspector
    Gary Marcus, about whom I recently posted a note here, was interviewed by Ezra Klein for his NY Times podcast, and the interview is available here. Among other things they discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT and the ways in which future systems might come to understand what they are talking about. In my […]
  • by lspector
    Katherine Duke '05 has written a nice article on our event on Discussing DALL-E: The Impact of AI on Art, including the images from the Mead and from DALL-E. Read it here. 2 posts – 1 participant Read full topic
  • by lspector
    Timnit Gebru has an interesting recent piece in Wired, on the connections between the “effective altruism” movement, Silicon Valley billionaires, and AI safety. I think it provides a lot of food for thought, along with many links to other relevant articles and resources. WIRED – 30 Nov 22 Effective Altruism Is Pushing a Dangerous Brand […]
  • by lspector
    Gary Marcus, who among other things is a graduate of Hampshire College and a professor at NYU, has written what I think is a thoughtful and sobering piece on the dangers of recent developments in AI. Discussion on the points he raises here would be most welcome in this thread. garymarcus.substack.com AI's Jurassic Park moment […]
  • by lspector
    The Atlantic – 6 Dec 22 The College Essay Is Dead Nobody is prepared for how AI will transform academia. Summary: The impact of the recent and sudden improvements in AI text-generation systems, driven by large language models, will challenge and transform the humanities, interactions between disciplines, and higher education more generally. Thanks to Jaya […]
  • by lspector
    The episode of the Lawfare podcast on Regulating AI with Alex Engler (December 7, 2022) provides a nice discussion of some of the issues involved in regulating AI, particularly as they relate to the Biden administration’s “AI Bill of Rights.” 1 post – 1 participant Read full topic
  • by aimecesaire25
    Image Credits: Carol Yepes/Getty Images TechCrunch – 2 Dec 22 OpenAI's ChatGPT shows why implementation is key with generative AI OpenAI released ChatGPT this week, and it's a great example of why user experience is the future for generative AI. Est. reading time: 3 minutes Summary: OpenAI continues to impress. After the enthusiastic reception of […]
  • by aimecesaire25
    In this WIRED article, poet, essayist, and AI researcher Dr. Katy Ilonka Gero explores the pros and cons of involving an AI system in the writing process. Dr. Gero has spent the last five years working with AI-generated text systems and interviewing writers on how they do—or do not—want to incorporate these systems into their […]
  • by wjiang25
    Hi all, We will be having our Tools showcase and Mentorship Program Wednesday (12/7) from 6-7 pm in Frost Library. Please feel free to come by to explore AI tools and talk about using AI with us! 1 post – 1 participant Read full topic