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We aim to engage a broad, interdisciplinary community of participants in discussions and activities related to artificial intelligence, exploring and facilitating multi-way interactions between work in artificial intelligence and work across the liberal arts.

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Mememormee – A Dance & AI Performance (4/27/23)

April 27th, 7:00 PM


A dance-theater piece situated at the cutting edge of machine learning and art, mememormee explores the prismatic effects of the recent surge of AI-enabled artmaking that will soon confront dancers, choreographers, or anyone with a moving body. This performance uses choreography derived from one-of-a-kind AI models trained exclusively on the movements of lead choreographer, the particle physicist and AI researcher Dr. Mariel Pettee, over the course of nearly 6 years by several teams of scientists.

Titled after a Joyce quote that blends “memory” and “remember me”, mememormee proposes a different, more sustainable version of AI than the one we’re faced with today – one that deepens and multiplies authentic connections between you and your body, your community, and your natural environment.

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Find out what is happening in AI now and how it may affect your interests. We provide a curated list of AI-related news articles!

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There has never been a better time to learn about the diverse applications of AI.

We’re coming into a fantastic time for the application of AI in fields ranging from Geology to Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought.

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  • by Andy Anderson
    June 6 2023, 1:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET Are you curious about the digital skills required to unlock the potential of data science and artificial intelligence in non-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields? Join us for “AI Beyond STEM: digital skills to unleash the power of data science and AI for all” hosted […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    Back to a brief discussion about the ethics of AI! While the proliferation of AI in everyday culture is quickly rising, it’s important to mull over the ethical considerations of new technologies, especially AI in its expansive nature to encode and generalize data that it has received. Image Credit: UNESCO According to UNESCO’s page, Artificial […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    "Khan and his team used GPT-4 as the engine behind software called Khanmigo (“Khan” plus “amigo” — a little goofy). Khanmigo isn’t supposed to give away answers. Like a good flesh-and-blood tutor, it engages students in a Socratic dialogue to guide them. It’s good at figuring out what they aren’t getting. Plus, Khan said, “it […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    "Pi’s boundaries are easy to find. When I tried picking fights, I mostly received kindness in return. “I appreciate you saying that,” Pi’s text gently unfurled on my screen. “I think it’s important to see things from all perspectives, and not to just focus on the negative.” Over time, that relentless balance wore on me, […]
  • by Jaya Kannan – 27 Apr 23 Let Us Show You How GPT Works — Using Jane Austen An interactive explanation of how language models learn to mimic language, from Shakespeare to Star Trek. By Aatish Bhatia April 27, 2023 Aatish Bhatia spent weeks reading dozens of A.I. research articles and training tiny language models on his […]
  • by sike
    Clara Mokri for Wall Street Journal One of Sam Altman’s early memories is playing with the Macintosh LC II he had gotten for his eighth birthday and realizing that: “Someday, the computer was going to learn to think,” he said. Altman co-founded OpenAI in 2015 because he believed, he says, that AI development should not […]
  • by sike
    Image Credit: Sophie Kohler/Peacock In the new Peacock series “Mrs. Davis”, we are presented with Simone, a nun who sets out to find the Christian Holy Grail and destroy a global order with an omnipresent, creepily benevolent AI algorithm called Mrs. Davis reigning supreme. “Arriving as AI infiltrates all corners of real life, the show […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    "Among the many unique experiences of reporting on A.I. is this: In a young industry flooded with hype and money, person after person tells me that they are desperate to be regulated, even if it slows them down. In fact, especially if it slows them down. What they tell me is obvious to anyone watching. […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    “Courts and lawmakers are only beginning to sort out questions of ownership when it comes to A.I., and copyrights in music can be complicated as it is. For now, protected intellectual property can only be created by humans, but what about when musicians collaborate with the machines?” Image Credit: Adam Riding for The New York […]
  • by Sarah Wu
    “The writing is vivid, but there’s nothing particularly unusual about it. Aidan Marchine, however, is an unusual author — at least for now — because Aidan Marchine is a set of computer systems. Kind of. ‘I am the creator of this work, 100 percent,’ Marche said, ‘but, on the other hand, I didn’t create the […]