The AILA Tools and Mentorship Team strives to be a resource for the Amherst community around cutting-edge AI tools. On Wednesday 11/29 from 10a-11a the Team will be tabling in the Science Center Atrium to demo SCISPACE a dynamic AI tool that can help with paraphrasing, citation creation and other tasks associated with academic research.

The AILA tool team will cover the following topics during their demonstration:

What is it?

  • An AI search engine, paraphrase and citation creator designed for academic research
  • SciSpace is an All-in-one platform used to find, format, publish & increase the reach of research. The software offers tools to find the the right images, tables, and charts separately. Collaborate on manuscripts and access to professional editing services and plagiarism checkers. Gain insights into full-text PDFs of scientific publications freely.

Demonstrate the basic features of the app:

  • Search engine/lit reviews for scholarly works and articles
  • Paraphraser/text explainer
  • Show citation generator
  • Show plagiarism checker

Answer general and specific questions on using the tool:

  • Specific use cases/how they could see this tool could be useful specifically to your research
  • Address limitations
  • Discuss free and paid versions


  • Understanding security & privacy risks and policies
  • Making the best decisions for you

Reflection Questions

  • How much do you think about security when using AI tools?
  • How do you protect yourself from security and privacy threats when using AI?
  • Questions/Ethical Impacts
  • When do AI tools become too useful?
  • Is this tool more or less ethical than Chat GPT?
  • What could happen in the future if more tools like this are put behind a pay wall?