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💬March 2nd @ 4:30pm : Making Technology Talk: conversation and/as artificial intelligence

We will be meeting in CHI Seminar Room with Professor Christopher Grobe from the English department. Food & Boba will be provided! Below is an Abstract of the talk:

As an early metric for what he called “machine intelligence,” Alan Turing proposed an “imitation game.” In this game, a human would converse via a text-only interface with two partners–one human and one machine–then would guess which one was which. Turing thus reduced the question of machine intelligence to the question of competence in human conversation. In this talk, I will show how midcentury thinkers (including Turing) interpreted this “game” as a theatrical challenge — and, through an analysis of the first chatbot ELIZA, I will demonstrate how one early computer scientist used insights from the theater to create a conversational interface. I will then share some of my research into conversational interfaces today, including my interviews with actors, playwrights, screenwriters, and other artists who work in the field called “conversation design.”

💬March 22nd @ 4:30pm : CHI x AI in the Liberal Arts

💬April 13th @ 6:00pm : Discuss AI & War with Professors

💬April 27th @ 7:00pm : Mariel Pettee & Collaborators performance 

💡Need Help with a Project?

We are still pairing up students (or faculties) to navigate AI projects together! Mentorship Program: If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor (A student or faculty with background in CS or AI), or If you are interested in being a mentee for a project related to AI, please let us know! Email our coordinator: riranmanesh25@amherst.edu

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