By Arjun Kejriwal

(The Hugging Face Website) 4

Summary: Have you heard of or used Kaggle? The open-source Data Science platform where you can find thousands of datasets and pipelines related to ML and AI. Think of Kaggle, with its informative and highly generous characteristics, but a little more advanced. That’s when you arrive at Hugging Face. This website is a life savior if you are interested in building or training sophisticated ML or AI models for different applications. It provides you with datasets for pretty much any application, with carefully pre-trained ML and AI models and libraries, as well as with a feature where you can input your text and run NLP algorithms live on the website! One of the most popular and mainstream ML and AI Language Models used currently are called Transformers, and Hugging Face is probably the best library out there to find pre-trained Transformer models. Feel free to click the above link and explore this excellent resource!