By Ali Sbeih


  • Murf is one of the best AI voice generators available. Murf is a text-speech generator. Anyone can convert text to speech which could be useful for multiple purposes. It could be used in presentations, video editing, advertising, and podcasts. Murf offers different voices as well as dialects for users to explore. Murf provides a video editor and a voice changer so that you can adjust things like pitch and speed.
  • This tool can be helpful to students, businesses, content creators, and more
  • Any creator interested in adding a voiceover can do so in Murf. With hundreds of AI voices, anyone can create a compelling story. Murf not only offers voice-overs but also offers a studio where you can add sounds and images to create a solid video. Murf also offers a voice changer to turn any recording into a professional voice-over. Having the power to control pitch, speed, pauses, and even pronunciation, Murf offers a great set of tools making content creation easier for everyone.
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  1. Go to AI Voice Generator: Versatile Text to Speech Software | Murf AI 2 and click Open Studio.
  2. Now sign up with Google, Facebook, or using your email and a password
  3. Select the type of work you do (Student) or skip
  4. Now you can give a title to your first project
  5. Next, choose either audio or video for the type of your project

a) For either option, you will get multiple options to specify the type of audio or video that you are creating
b) You get 10 minutes of speech/transcription for free

  1. Within the project, you have the option to export and download or even share your project and collaborate with others
  2. On the left sidebar, you can explore the available AI voices

a) You can choose from a range of available languages as well as accents
b) You can also filter the voices based on gender, age, and the use of the voice (ex. games)

  1. The next feature is importing a script which lets you import text
  2. Next is the add media feature:

a) First, you can upload your images, videos, or audio from your computer or via URL
b) Second, you can choose from a variety of stock music available by filtering with things such as genre, mood, and energy
c) Third, you can choose from a variety of stock Images by filtering with your search or the orientation of the image
d) Fourth, you can choose from a variety of stock videos similarly by filtering with your search or the orientation of the video

  1. Lastly, there is the voice changer which lets you upload a file and swap the voice for the same script with a professional voice
  2. On the main section of the screen, you can enter your text manually into a block and add new blocks or merge blocks

a) Each block has a voice, tone, pitch, speed, and pauses which you can manipulate
b) You can change the order of these blocks

  1. At the bottom of your screen, you have the timeline of your audio/video which allows you to manipulate the duration of your images/videos/audio and add or delete these elements
  2. Finally, you can view the preview of your project on the right-hand side by clicking on ‘preview’

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