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“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” [pause] “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Upcoming Events

AILA Tools Team Demos Wolfram Alpha Pro; 11/7 @ 5p in Frost Library Cafe

The Mentorship and Tools team will be popping-up to demo Wolfram|Alpha Pro, an AI tool that focuses on empirical/systematic knowledge, facts, research, etc. Come visit the Tools team for one-on-one help with specific projects, setting up the tool on your laptop, or how learn how to use Wolfram|Alpha in your projects.

Event of Interest: OpenAI Preparedness Challenge — Win $25,000!

The company behind Chat-GPT and DALL-E, OpenAI, has launched a “Preparedness Challenge” to build their new Preparedness team. The planned division will develop approaches “to catastrophic risk preparedness,” and top contenders from the Challenge will be considered for positions on the team (as well as win $25,000 of OpenAI credits). The Preparedness Challenge is open to everyone and is accepting submissions on a rolling basis until December 31, 2023. Read more about it here!

Breaking News: Biden Signs Landmark Executive Order on AI

President Biden issued an Executive Order on Monday aimed at ensuring America remains at the forefront of the development of safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. It is the nation’s first such order aimed at legislating AI, and their most significant attempt to date. The order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, aiming to protect Americans’ privacy, advance civil rights, and promote innovation while securing American leadership globally. It requires developers of significant AI systems to share safety test results with the U.S government, and mandates the development of standards to ensure AI system safety. The order also addresses concerns about privacy, discrimination, and job displacement related to AI. It encourages innovation, competition and international cooperation, while stressing the responsible and effective government use of AI. To dig deeper, read the Fact Sheet, or the unabridged text!

AILA Community Hours

Part of our mission is to offer support and guidance to our diverse community of supporters as they navigate AI Technology and its implications in our lives and work. During our community hours we open our doors to provide individual consultation and assistance.

Our doors are open:

  • Wednesday Evenings – 6:30- 7:30p (Science Building, C211)
  • Thursday Afternoons – 12-2p (Virtually by appointment)

Contact us today if you have questions or projects you’d like to talk through or AI-related concerns you’d like discuss. We’re here to support you!

Please Note: 10/19 Community Hours will be held at Frost Library in conjunction w/ ChatGPT Café

Featured AI News

It’s hard to keep up with all the AI-related News these days, but here are a couple stories that have us thinking and discussing. Let us know what AI News stories have you riveted!

Artists fight back again Generative AI

Artists have begun to fight back against the scraping of images on the internet for AI image generation tools. A new tool called, Nightshade, has emerged to corrupt training data used in image-generating AI models, allowing artists to defend themselves against the use of their images in AI models, such as DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Read more about how it works here!

G7 to agree on AI code of conduct for companies

On Monday, the Group of Seven (G7) industrial nations agreed on a code of conduct for companies developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems. Initiated at a ministerial forum referred to as the “Hiroshima AI process,” this 11-point code aims to promote safe, secure, and trustworthy AI globally and provides voluntary guidance for organizations. Read more here!

AILA Recommended Reads

Engaging an interdisciplinary community of participants in discussions and activities about AI requires we stay in the know. Here are some of our recommended reads this week!

Generative AI Legal Explainer

Knowing Machines, a research project studying the the histories, practices, and politics of AI in society, has published a continuously updated legal explainer that offers non-experts simplified responses to such legal queries. Each legal question is accompanied with a brief answer, confidence level, and relevant U.S. case law. Check out their website!

Featured AI Tool

Our AI Mentorship and Tools team are always exploring new uses for AI. Here is their latest discovery. Check it out and let us know what you think!

tl;dv, short for “too long; didn’t view” is a remarkable tool powered by GPT technology for efficient meeting management. With automatic transcription and summarization capabilities, it’s a time-saving solution for teams involved in recruiting, sales, and customer success. tl;dv seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, allowing you to catch up on your meetings in minutes. Its key features include multilingual transcription, intuitive editing tools for extracting highlights, and a search function for locating specific meeting topics. Tell us how you integrate it into your workflow!