Artificially Intelligent, Naturally Fair? — Panel Discussion on Equitable Algorithms

CSSI Ethical Algorithms Flyer

Join us online to learn about how research is addressing bias, discrimination, and ethical concerns in algorithm development. Our panel of experts will delve into the many challenges and opportunities, including the complexities behind the design of equitable algorithms, the biases they may unintentionally harbor, and the profound social implications they have….

The ChatGPT Café

chatgpt cafe

In partnership with IT and the AI in the Liberal Arts (AILA) initiative, we are excited to bring the ChatGPT Café series to the Amherst community. In this series of informal exploratory pop-up cafés, faculty, staff, and students at Amherst College will have the opportunity to experiment with the latest paid versions of ChatGPT4 and reflect on their experiences. Come join us at…

Bolstering AI with Computational Ability & Curated Data

Academic Technology Services & AILA welcome, Andy Dorsett, a representative from Wolfram Research. He will discuss an innovative new plugin for ChatGPT, Mathematica’s built-in machine learning, and its connections with other AI systems. Wednesday 9/20 @ 4p; Paino Lecture Hall, Beneski 107 Some insight into Wolfram|Alpha’s strategy! Read more about it in the links Wolfram|Alpha as…

AILA T-Shirt Design Contest

Submit by October 22nd! Want to win $20 and get your design on a t-shirt? Help AILA design a t-shirt for staff members and yourself by submitting a design by October 15! Submit here:…

AILA Open House 9/14

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Join Artificial Intelligence in the Liberal Arts (AILA) for Cookies and Convo Students, faculty, and staff please stop by C209 on Thursday, 9/14 from 1-3p to get know our new AILA Team! We will have AILA stickers, Insomnia Cookies, and folks ready to answer all your Artificial Intelligence related questions. All questions and levels of AI knowledge welcome. Come learn about…

AI Beyond STEM: digital skills to unleash the power of data science and AI for all

Are you curious about the digital skills required to unlock the potential of data science and artificial intelligence in non-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields? Join us for “AI Beyond STEM: digital skills to unleash the power of data science and AI for all” hosted by The Alan Turing Institute….

Mememormee – A Dance & AI Performance (4/27/23)

mememormee poster

April 27th, 7:00 PMThe Powerhouse Abstract: A dance-theater piece situated at the cutting edge of machine learning and art, mememormee explores the prismatic effects of the recent surge of AI-enabled artmaking that will soon confront dancers, choreographers, or anyone with a moving body. This performance uses choreography derived from one-of-a-kind AI models trained exclusively on the movements of…

AI and War: Where are we headed? (4/13/23)

Poster of AI and War event

This panel will address such questions as: How is AI being applied to warfare now, and how might it be applied in the future? How will this affect the conduct of war and its escalatory potential? What are the legal and ethical questions raised by the fielding of autonomous weapons systems? What steps are being taken to regulate or prohibit the deployment of such weapons? What can students do to help advance these goals and better protect humanity?…

Artificial intelligence is Social Science: Natural language Processing From and For Social Analysis (4/11/23)

Brendan O'Connor Event Poster

April 11th, 4:30 PMCHI Think Tank, Frost Library Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) are coming to prominence with startling new advances, but their functioning and potential is poorly understood, with incredibly weak scientific grounding of every cool recent result you’ve heard of. Why? Considering the history of AI research, its major approaches…