Towards Building Equitable Language Technologies (feat. Su Lin Blodgett)

Su Lin Blodgett

Language technologies are now ubiquitous. Yet the benefits of these technologies do not accrue evenly to all people, and they can be harmful; language technologies reproduce stereotypes, prevent speakers of “non-standard” language varieties from participating fully in public discourse, and reinscribe historical patterns of linguistic stigmatization and discrimination. In this talk, I will take a tour through the rapidly emerging body of research examining bias and harm in language technologies….

Using Artificial Intelligence Without Coding (feat. Nirman Dave)

Nirman Dave

April 14, 2021 Businesses today are being transformed by a “No-Code” approach that enables them to accomplish tasks that previously required deep programming skills, but without writing any code at all. This means that common tasks such as building websites, phone apps, automation scripts, etc. can today be accomplished without any prior programming experience. One…