The UMass Computational Social Science Institute and the Institute for Social Science Research present

ChatGPT and Education: Hype Versus Reality

In a few short months, many of us have heard of or tried ChatGPT, the large language model (LLM) that generates coherent texts on demand in a broadly accessible chat interface. Many opinions have been voiced about ChatGPT and other natural language intelligence systems, and crucially, how they may affect education and teaching in practice. Are LLMs an unstoppable force for cheating, a powerful tool for learning, or all or none of the above?

In this panel we’ll bring together multidisciplinary, research-based perspectives on these topics — UMass professors and an alum who are world-leading experts in the large language models, the impact of technology on education, and social implications of language technologies. In the question period, we invite community members to share examples of what they’ve seen from ChatGPT in practice. What have we learned about these issues, and what plans, if any, should we have going forward?

Torrey Trust, Education \ UMass Amherst
Mohit Iyyer, Computer Science | UMass Amherst
Su Lin Blodgett, Fairness, Accountability, Trust and Ethics Group / Microsoft Research Montréal

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  1. Lee Spector
    Mar 18
    As some of you may recall, Su Lin Blodgett previously gave a very nice talk for AILA. I think this will be a great event.

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